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The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) ought to continue its emphasis on various aspects that improve the security of Americans. DHS major emphasis in 2016 is mainly to work on attaining all the goals as well as objectives laid out in the 2014-2018 strategic plan. Some areas of attention refer to implementing such measures as increasing investment, enhancing operational and strategic planning as well as improving the engagement of stakeholders.

The areas mentioned above are geared towards preventing terrorism, which is the major threat to the security of Americans. In relation to terrorism prevention, the DHS continues researching and adopting new strategies to prevent the use of hostile elements through deterring adversaries from the entry of illegal nuclear weapons into the United States (DHS 9). Enhancing Border Security will also be an important step towards excluding terrorist attacks along with other threats to the public, economic, and national security. Besides, the DHS will also implement laws and policies of regulating the illegal entry of people into the United States considering the threats posed by illegal immigration to the security of the citizens of the United States (Reese 35).

With the increase in technology use both at the individual and organizational levels, the DHS also concentrates on ensuring the security of online data. It is accomplished through increasing cyber-security implementation of the cyber security framework, public awareness campaigns, threat awareness, and suitable practices, all of which will be directed towards obtaining capabilities of laying down a critical infrastructure (DHS 45). It can mainly be attained through the adoption of modern technological solutions for the prevailing cyber-security issues that promote sharing data regarding the threat, mitigation, detecting cyber security, and ensuring resiliency and the assimilation strategies of critical operator and owner infrastructure.

The DHS also undertakes various measures for promoting the morale of its employees. The DHS’ human resources are among its integral assets and motivating the workforce will be a vital step towards realizing the 2014-2018 mission and objectives. The motivation of the DHS workers is realized through expanding their professional growth as well as development (Reese 36). It is ensured through the proper training, recruitment, and effective hiring of all the employees of different units throughout the entire department. Besides, the DHS should continue improving the working environment in its settings to increase the morale and thus the productivity of its workers

Finally, the DHS also ensures the proper allocation of resources into its various investments in improving the security of Americans. Essentially, more budget allocations will be allocated in investments that improve the various technological systems used in the different operations of the department (Coburn 6). The integration of technology into the various activities of the DHS has been pivotal in enhancing information sharing, which has played a role in enhancing intelligence (DHS 25).

In conclusion, the future direction of DHS’ operations refer to emphasizing and enhancing the security of Americans. Essentially, these actions are geared towards preventing terrorism, illegal immigration, the entry of weapons illegally into the United States, and enhancing cyber security. Mainly, this will be achieved through the adoption of information-sharing technologies that will enhance the cooperation of the various units of DHS. Further, promoting the morale of the department’s workforce will be a necessary step towards increasing its productivity. Lastly, improving the allocation of resources including proper budgeting will facilitate the allocation of resources required in the implementation of all the determined measures.





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