Computer Science homework help



1. “Chapters 20 and 21”

For your primary post, provide a link to a current news article or science article that is related to at least one topic from Chapter 20 “Rocks & Minerals” and/or Chapter 21 “Plate Tectonics and Earth’s Interior.”

In addition to the link, write a paragraph of at least 125 words describing the article and how it relates to the material from the textbook. Which concepts from the text does it mention, cover or depend on? Is the article more or less detailed on the science than the textbook?( I    ADDED SCREEN SHOTS OF THE TOPIC)

Make a substantive reply to at least one fellow student.

2. “Remote Access”

  • Remote access via Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s) to corporate resources for the purposes of e-commerce, telework and remote administration is becoming commonplace. From an auditing perspective, suggest two or more controls that should be in place to prevent the loss or theft of confidential information.
  • Give your opinion on what you believe are the essential elements of an acceptable use policy for remote access. Elaborate on each item and justify its importance.

3.“Risk Management” Please respond to the following:

  • Imagine you are the software engineer primarily concerned with managing the technical aspects of software development. When evaluating, your team has no process for addressing, identifying, or evaluating options from a risk perspective or for optimizing the use of resources by allowing teams to work in parallel on independent sub-goals.
    • In this discussion, you will use your week 3 assignment related to WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) and create the risk management process by identifying the risk related to your every task, probability (low, high, medium) of the risk with effects, and the strategies to manage the risk. Note: You need to include your WBS in the discussion to allow your peers to see the relationship between task and risk activities.
    • Post your WBS from week 3 and your initial thoughts on risk by Wednesday. Return a couple of other days to interact with your classmates before the due date on Sunday.

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