CNST 2341 is a contracts course which can be applied to any contract including your Agreement withwithwithwit University of Houston  . Consider the Chancellor’s message cited below as an Addendum to clarify your Agreement. 

1. A UH education is a public good. It is neither an item of consumption nor of possession whose benefits are limited to the individual consuming or possessing it. An educated citizen is one brick in the foundation of a prosperous society. When a student graduates, she becomes an asset not just to herself or her family, but also to everyone in the society. Therefore, college education has been viewed – and should be viewed – as a societal good. 

2. A UH education offers robust intellectual challenges that lead to lifelong career opportunities. 

How can you best maximize and fulfill the goals of your Agreement with UH? Do this in no more than one page well written, concise, paper. Spelling, grammar, and especially content are important but this does not require MLA formatting.

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