1. Are there any geologic hazards where I live or close by? If so:
    1. What are they?
      1. Earthquake: includes ground rupture/faulting, liquefaction, strong shaking, and tsunami
      2. Mass wasting: includes seismically-triggered landslides, debris flows, mud flows, and rock falls
      3. Flooding
    2. How serious a threat are any of these hazards?
    3. How often does it/do they occur?
    4. Is anything being done to prevent damage to your residence if this hazard were to occur there?
      1. If so, what are the preventions?
      2. If not, what could be done? How can you further prepare?
  2. See if there are any resources that might be mined there like oil, natural gas or groundwater. If you cannot find any mineral resources in your area, you should use Southern California or California as whole. This section can be a list; maps are also a nice option, as long as you label them/annotate them yourself. You can annotate maps or images using Word, Google docs, Adobe Illustrator, even using MS Paint, etc. You don’t have to worry about formatting the text or wrapping it around images; you might find it easier to put all the images at the end of the file, and just refer to them in your outlines.
  3. Images are great and can supplement part of the text. If you use them you must refer to them in your report and put a figure caption in the following style:

Example: refer to them in your report and caption each image:

In the Text:

….My instructor does not want me to worry about this project; I should only spend 3-6 hours on it, not researching for weeks (Fig. 1).

final paper image.jpg

Figure 1. Image showing a student who has spent way too much time doing on this project than needed. Image source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/395753885987453998/?lp=true

You must include a bibliography using a standard format of your choosing (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.). I recommend using one of the citation generators found online, and using the website option. All images/charts/maps should have figure captions and say where you got them.



Introduction: …

Geologic Hazards that impact my residence:


            Mass Wasting


Resources mined near my residence or in Southern California:



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