I am ok with the 18 hours extended”Thank you.”Bryant/Smith manual Case 7: We want to determine the factors that affect selling prices of Ford Mustangs. The statistical analysis of the data involves hypothesis testing and multiple-regression analysis.Analyses that you’ll want to do are:1. Test the hypothesis that mean price does not depend on whether the car is a convertible. (Interpret your answer in nontechnical terms for “Tom”.) Then, perform the same hypothesis for transmission type, presence or absence of air conditioning, GT model or not, and private versus dealer ownership. 2. Perform a hypothesis test that mean selling price does not vary with color. 3. Find a reasonable multiple regression model of PRICE on the other variables available in the data set. (Which variables are significant, which are not? How do the significant variables affect the PRICE?)You will want to prepare a report of your findings to present to Tom. Show him how he could use your information to set prices on other cars in the near future. ” – Sent to Statistics And Probability Expert Tutor on 3/31/2011 at 10:29pm The Expert Tutor on Course Hero answered:We need you to clarify your question for our tutors!Clarification request: Dear Student,I tried looking into your assignment but unfortunately couldn’t process it in short time span provided by you.It’s my kind request from you to please extend the deadline of your assignment by atleast 18 hours so that I would have surplus time to process it.Thank you.Please resubmit your questions below. Natalia V.

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