I have an assignment about a science and i chose a topic from this link https://www.sciencenews.org/article/how-graphene-could-make-future-electronics-superfast. Also, no more than a paragraph total. Clear and concise is what I’m hoping for. i need this assignment after 8 hours 

you should include the following:

· A citation (include a link please).

· A one or two sentence summary of the article.

· Why i picked it/why i thought it was interesting.

· A critique of the research or a benefit of the research to society. (NOT about the article, but the research itself.)

Also, i need it for high pass which should include these things :

· Citation included, no typos

· Reasonable critique or benefit for example: “This will help reduce health care costs because…” or “Learning about alternate Earth planets could help us in determining if humans could live on other planets, which we need to consider because…”

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