I just have a physics report and i need to look at it and rewrite the report again in a good way with good explanation and good spilling and grammar 

Everything is ready it’s need couple sentence to rewrite again 



The purpose of this lab was to put kinematics equations to use to solve a problem. We were asked to calculate the acceleration of a cart with a fan attached and to discern the angle the track would have to be at for the force of gravity to equal the force of the cart’s fan.

We used our first given kinematics equation to solve for acceleration because we did not know final velocity. We determined that the cart was accelerating at 0.44 m/s/s. We believe our calculation was very precise. Any associated error could have resulted from improper use of the photo censors. We worked under the assumption that initial velocity was zero however the cart had to be moving to activate the first sensor, so there was a very small initial velocity. Otherwise, errors could have resulted from rounding results. For part to our angle was calculated as just under 2.6 degrees. As this was easy for us to attain with the track, we tested is using an angle finder. Initially the cart moved very slowly down the track, and with a slight adjustment it stood still on the track. Again, our calculations were essentially correct. We believe the cart moved down the track initially because we had the angle slightly off. Our error would lie in rounding our calculation, and improper use of the angle finder. The marks on the angle finder were only for each degree, so finding 2.6 degrees was not easy. Using a more precise angle finder may yield better results.

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