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From the e-Activity, discuss the data that the graph is used to visually

represent. Speculate on why the editor chose the graph, as opposed to merely reporting the data.

A graph is a way for a person to visualize the data that is being given.  When a person is giving information that includes a lot of numbers, it can often be hard to comprehend the information if it is just written out.  A bunch of numbers in a paragraph can look like a big jumble to a person trying to read it. Using a graph provides a visual reference for the reader where the data can be compiled and organized so that the correct information is being provided.  When a person reads about a bunch of numbers, they will focus on whatever they choose.  However, when a graph is presented, it can be created to highlight the information that the writer would like you to focus on.  I looked in the election area of the USA TODAY and found a graph that was very comprehensive and useful.  http://www.usatoday.com/section/global/elections-2016/

In this graph, the reader has the ability to select the candidate or party of their choice and then view stats by states, demographics, and party.  The writer chose a graph in this instance because of the ability to convey a large amount of information in a single visual.  It would have been nearly impossible for the writer to include all of this information in a single article where it could be comprehended by the reader.  By using the graph, the writer was able to break the information up into a visual form where readers could view it in parts and gain the information of their choice.

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