I need R codes for the following problem.

Data set is available (https://netfiles.umn.edu/users/nacht001/www/nachtsheim/Chapter%20%206%20Data%20Sets.html) CH06PR09

X1=the number of cases shipped

x2= the indirect costs of the total labor hours as a precentage

X3= A qualitative predictor called holiday that is coded 1 if the week has a holiday and 0 otherwise

Y= total labor hours

A. Fit regression model Y = β0 + β1X1+ β2X1^2 + β3X2+ β4X1X2 + βX1^2 X2 + e using the number of cases shipped (X1) and the binary variable (X3) as predictors

b. Test whether or not the interaction terms and the quadratic term can be dropped from the model. use a = 0.05 state the alternatives, decision rule, and conclusion. what is the p-value of the test?