A manufacturer produces both a deluxe and a standard model of an automatic sander designed for home use. Selling prices obtained from a sample of retail outlets follow.Model Price ($)Model Price ($)Retail OutletDeluxe StandardRetail Outlet Deluxe StandardH392754030392963935m463535293831a. The manufacturer’s suggested retail prices for the two models show a $10 price differential. Use a .05 level of significance and test that the mean difference between the prices of the two models is $10.Develop the null and alternative hypotheses,Ho = / d equal to 10H a = / d not equal to 10Calculate the value of the test statistic. If required enter negative values as negative numbers. (to 2 decimals).-1.16The p-value is | between .20 and .40Can you conclude that the price differential is not equal to $10?Nob.What is the 95% confidence interval for the difference between the mean prices of the two models (to 2 decimals)? Use a t-table.6.4411.28

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