I received a 1/2 point off for this question, but I feel the interpretation was right. Essentially I believe I am interpreting the message of the graph “there are 0-50 quantity of hourly rentals that makes up about 30% of the total registered user rentals”. Is same as what I said”largest percent of rentals falls in 0-50 bin range” In other words, most of the rentals in 2011 and 2012 for both customer groups – casual and registered users – are between 0 and 50 rentals. From this range, still comparing the two graphs, we observe a decrease in the percent of casual user rentals as the range (number of hourly rentals) increases. Registered users follow a similar pattern, experiencing slight fluctuation in the registered user 301-400+ bin.”

I want to bring this up to my teacher to get the point back but wanted to check to make sure the interpretation I did could be a correct way to say what is happending also.

I hope so.

Thank you

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