I understand a and b. It is C-E that I am confused about.




(a) Draw a scatter diagram displaying the data.

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(b) Verify the given sums Σx, Σy, Σx2, Σy2, Σxy and the value of the sample correlation coefficient r. (Round your value for r to three decimal places.)Σx=Σy=Σx2=Σy2=Σxy=r=

(c) Find x, and y. Then find the equation of the least-squares line  = a + bx. (Round your answers for x and y to two decimal places. Round your answers for a and b to three decimal places.)x= y= = +  x

(d) Graph the least-squares line. Be sure to plot the point (x, y) as a point on the line.

(e) Find the value of the coefficient of determination r2. What percentage of the variation in y can be explained by the corresponding variation in x and the least-squares line? What percentage is unexplained? (Round your answer for r2 to three decimal places. Round your answers for the percentages to one decimal place.)r2 =explained     %unexplained     %

(f) Predict the percentage of all fatal accidents due to speeding for 55-year-olds. (Round your answer to two decimal places.)


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