I want you to write a proposal about (people or farmers in Europe before 5000 years ago) 

a simple introduction about what I want in this paper. 

“The inhabitants of Europe lived in ancient times on fishing and hunting animals. In the Neolithic era, they raised animals and they worked in the agriculture field. Thus human appeared in Europe in the late Stone Age. They were hunters and collectors of food and tools. They left traces of 25,000 to 10,000 years old in about 200 caves around Europe, mostly in Spain and France. In the Neolithic period, Europe began to practice agriculture to replace it with hunting. During the sixth millennium BC, agriculture has spread widely in Europe and it becomes the main work or job of the people from that time until the modern era. 

In this paper, I will focus on people in Europe before 5000 BC. I will focus on how the people were in the past and how they managed to live in the circumstances of the great changes that took place during that period. How was their lifestyle at that time as farmers or people who lived nearby farms, and how that affects their lives”


Need primary resources.

4 to 7 pages.

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