I would really appreciate some immediate assistance with the following… An actual break down explanation with precise HOW TO would be great.

#8. For HA: π ≠ 0.25 at alpha =0.10, what is the upper critical value of the test statistic? 

    My questions…. 1. Why are we using π? We already know that π ≠ 0.25 as it actually equals 3.14.  2. The upper critical value of what, exactly? How do I find the upper critical value of a test statistic with such little information? 

#9. For HA: π > 0.50 at alpha 0.05, what is the critical value of the test statistic?

    My questions…. All the same as #8 AND…. Why is the answer for #8 and #9 the same????? (1.645)

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