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Phase 2 Deliverable Heading 1 Topic: Identify at least 5 Best Practices concerning the selection and implementation of Data Security products and/or services.

Mechanics (same as Phase 1 with differences highlighted):

· Name the Deliverable: YourName_ISOL532_Final_Project_Phase_2.docx

· 1 to 3 single spaced pages, which are added to your Phase 1 Deliverable

· The Cover page should already have the following information:

o Your Name

o Date

o Course ID: ISOL532

o Course Reference#: example: 2018_SUM_IIG

o Project Title: ISOL532 Final Project: Data Security Management

· Font size: 11 point

· Font type: Calibri or equivalent

· 1 inch margins: Top/Bottom/Left/Right

· Header: Left-Your Name. Center-ISOL532 Final Project. Right-2018_SUM_IIG

· Footer: Center: Page numbers

· At least 3 additional referenced sources

· Be sure to update your TOC and Bibliography

· Upload the Deliverable to the Final Project dropbox

Content: Each topic below should be a Heading 2 paragraph (You should have at least 5 Best Practices)

· Best Practice 1

· Best Practice 2

· Best Practice 3

· Best Practice 4

· Best Practice 5

· Best Practice N

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