Soil conservation is an important component of sustaining our way of life.  All of our food is grown either in or on soils!  Nevertheless, every year we lose thousands of acres of prime farm and grazing land to soil topsoil erosion, development, soil pollution and other factors.  Watch this Youtube video to learn more about soil conservation in the United States.

A Culture of Conservation

     Once you have watched the video, write a 4 to 5 paragraph essay reflecting on the following questions:

  1. Observe the soils around where you live.  What are the factors that influence soil erosion (both positive and negative) around you?  Identify some of these soil erosion factors and describe whether they increase or decrease erosion.
  2. Do you live in an area with abundant natural soils or in a city or town with little exposed soil?  How will the quality of the soils in your area affect agricultural productivity, water quality and runoff, and the long-term sustainability of your region? 

Each paragraph should average 4 to 5 full sentences.  I’m looking for a complete, well thought out essay here.  Be thorough and descriptive in your essay and be sure to draw on the materials covered in the course directly.  For full points, you should not simply write an opinion piece – you must back up your opinions with facts derived from the video and your readings and assignments.

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