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1. If you were to write a letter to someone in a distant galaxy, giving them your complete galactic address, what would it be? Include all necessary information the post office would need for delivery. Create a MS Word document that lists your complete galactic address: street and number, city, state, country, planet, planet system, galactic arm, galaxy, and galaxy cluster. (Our galaxy cluster is the “Local Group”.) You may want to refer to the attached files.

2. Now, imagine that all of time since the Big Bang was compressed into one year. What day and month would each of the following have happened? List these dates in the same Word document, save it, and attach it to this assignment drop box . See chapter 1 in the text.

The first galaxies formed
The earliest dinosaurs appeared
The solar system formed
The Big Bang
Air-breathing life appeared
Globular clusters formed
The first life on earth
First human hunter-gatherers
HInt: The universe is about 14 billion years old. To place something correctly on the calendar first find out how many years ago it occurred, then divide by 14 billion. That tells you the fraction of the universe’s existance from now back to the particular date. For instance, if something happened 10 billion years ago, it happened 10 billion/14 billion or .714 of the universe existance. On the one year calendar this event then occurred .714 yr back from the present (assuming December 31 is the present). Use 365 days per year to figure out how far back this would be in days, then count backwards from December 31.

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