Quality of teaching

Topic: Improving the value of “quality of teaching” in the context of “project management education” in Australia.


Your critical review report should not exceed 1200 words. The report must substantially include the following components:

1. A description of the topic using a supplied tool.

· In this u need to select 1 topic from the topic generating tool which is attached below.

2. A table of four relevant articles (presented in Harvard format) and keywords or combination of keywords used to identify each article.

· After selecting the topic from the tool, u need to provide 4 related article to the main topic.

· Make a tabular column for all the four article which includes title of the article, Name of the author, date of the article published, Key words of the article used

· And article should be less than 5 years old

· And hyperlink of the 4 articles should be mentioned

· Example of the tabular column has been attached below make it with reference to that tabular column

3. A summary of the most relevant article to the topic. (up to 300 words).

· Pick the most suitable article from the four article

4. A critical appraisal of the article. (up to 300 words)

· Compare the most suitable article with the topic we have picked from the tool generator.

5. Preliminary research questions.

· Research question with respect to the topic

6. Your personal reflection. (up to 300 words)

· Personal reflection of the article.

And references should be mentioned at the end

Note : Please follow the above mentioned specification and strictly adhere to it.

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