complex project 2

In chapter 1 of Terry Cooke-Davies’ book Aspects of Complexity he breaks down a number of factors for the causes of complexity: –

1. Unhelpful Behavior (Cooke-Davies 2011, p.4);

2. Failure to Appreciate Systemicity (Cooke-Davies 2011, p.5);

3. Models (Cooke-Davies 2011, p.5);

4. Simplistic Project Management (Cooke-Davies 2011, p.5);

5. Over-Ambitious Strategic Management (Cooke-Davies 2011, p.6);

· and other factors…

Please consider one of the 5 factors above and provide an example of a project where you believe that factor was a reason for complexity in the project.  Explain the outcome of this factor and whether your explanation is consistent with Terry Cooke-Davies’ observations.

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