deep water

In chapter 4 of Terry Cooke-Davies’ book Aspects of Complexity Christopher Loch and Frederick C. Payne catalogue what project management might be able to do about complexity (Cooke-Davies 2011, p.43-49).  The “Can Do” items they list are: –

1. Reduce Complexity: Decouple and Modularize (p.43)

2. Freeze Components (p.43)

3. Control-and-Fast-Response (p.44)

4. Small Steps and Controlling Variability (p.46)

5. The Role of Strategy (p.46)

Please select one of the “Can Do” items from the list of six above and discuss how some of the features of the item that Loch and Payne describe could have been used in the BP Deepwater Horizon case study

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