For this week’s assignment, you are to look through your past research projects dealing with urban ecology. It does not necessarily have to be from another class, it could be a project that you’re working on at work or just something you’re interested in. As this is a communications class and not a research class, you are not expected to generate new research or content for your final deliverables You are instead transforming a former project into more professional and presentable mediums.

For this assignment, Identify two potential topics you could use to create the final deliverables for this class. Please provide a narrative that responds to the following questions:

  • What is the main focus of this research/project?
  • Why would re-packaging and presenting it as a professional document be meaningful?
  • Are there any holes in terms of information/research that you would need to fill?
  • In addition to answering these questions, you’ll need to determine what audience is most appropriate for this topic and why.

For each of the projects you identify, you will also need to create a concept map that effectively identifies the main topic and all of the subtopics that are talked about in your research.

These are to be no bigger than an 11×17 and you must provide a hard copy to present to the class and receive feedback. That being said, make sure they are legible and interesting!

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