Please solve the number 2. Show me the process and the answer. Thank you

< > Iuml.umassonline.netCLearning Management System / Blackboard | Academic & I…Theme 2: Random Variables – UML Probability and ………2 A continuous random variable Y has PDF given byOif y < -1fy (y) =lty if -1 <y<02 -y if 0 < y < 2 – V3Oif y > 2 – V3Find the expectations E(Y ) and E (Y3).3 Also, Exercises 3.5.3, 3.5.8ac, 3.5.15.Note: November has 30 days, and a year has 365 days. Note that the answer key in oldereditions of the book, and in some 6th edition copies, incorrectly treat November as 1/12 ofthe year. If your answer disagrees with the answer key then try 1/12 and if the answer thenagrees you can be confident that you did it right the first time.

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