make sure you answer the question using the 5-Step Process for Hypothesis


This took me a couple of minutes of thought since you don’t have the actual data. However, I realized that for a t-test you really only need three things – the sample size for each group, the mean for each group and the standard deviation for each group. Well, technically, you need a fourth thing, a t-table, but SAS has that stored internally. So, here is the code you want to use.

Please take note that that variable _stat_ is a reserved keyword in SAS. You need to write it exactly like that with the underscore before and after. Otherwise, SAS doesn’t understand that this is the STATISTIC for the mean and will just treat this as 6 individual records.

DATA prob721;

 INPUT status $ stat_ $ age;


 Obese N 38

 Obese MEAN 11.1

 Obese STD 2.9

 Normal N 62

 Normal MEAN 13.4

 Normal STD 2.6


PROC TTEST data = prob721;

 CLASS status;

 VAR age;


After you have entered the data, you can just run a t-test like always.

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