hey course hero, i am having difficulty understanding this material, would you please help me understand

MAT141_Quiz14-12.1 to 12.3 (1).pdf – Adobe ReaderXFile Edit View Window Help*100%ToolsSignComment1.The table below show scores on a math test. Answer questions a through e based off of this table.805050907070406070807090504080703080807040606050a. [3 pts.] Create a frequency table for the math scores in the table above.b. [4 pts.] Create a histogram to describe the math scores in the table above.c. [3 pts.] Construct a stem and leaf plot for the values in the table.d. [2 pts.] By hand, calculate the mean of the values in the table above. Round answer to onedecimal place.e. [2 pt.] By hand, calculate the median for the values in the table.2. [6 pts.] By hand and using the table provided, find the standard deviation for the given values.Round answer to two decimal places.xx – X19(x – X)2161014282613totaleaWSN7POSA8:43 AM6/25/2019

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