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After a hard day at work, I usually look forward to getting home kicking back and unwinding to some well-cooked dinner accompanied with some good wine. Some of my favourite meals happen to be a salad, mashed potatoes, and well-done steak. It was my dinner yesterday. There are many details that go into the preparation of this particular dinner combination. Every ingredient plays a specific role in body building and filling my appetites. As the ingredients making up the meal come from different areas, be it manufactured or produced organically, this will also form a basis for the paper. The reason of disseminating these ingredients is to assess our eating habits and deciding on which changes can be made in our diets to ensure longevity and good health.



According to Magee(2008), having a salad is one of the healthiest habits that have been recommended by many doctors. Starting us off will be a salad that is made up of olive oil, truffle oil, red onions, apple, cider vinegar, French beans, and lettuce. The salad in itself has a couple of ingredients that can be locally sourced from farms with the neighbouring cities. The olive oil is harvested directly from squeezing olive branches that mainly are grown in the Mediterranean regions. Truffle oil, in this case, is made up of olive oil where residues of truffles are added to it to give it the richness of the flavour that it packs. The red onions are sourced from a local organic farm supply where produce supplied to the outlet are organically certified fit for consumption. The apples as well are sourced from the organic outlet grown organically and very sweet. The breaking down of this particular side dish shows how healthy the meal becomes. When such ingredients are sourced organically from local outlets, it goes a long way into ensuring that healthy eating patterns are maintained within the local population.

Mashed Potatoes

The mashed potatoes will also use a set of ingredients. It includes the actual potatoes, milk, pound butter, truffle oil, salt, and pepper. Looking at the potatoes that make the majority of this particular dish, sourcing the potatoes from an organically certified outlet means that there is some health aspect being looked into. The said potatoes will have been grown minus any artificial additives, which might harm the consumer in the near future. Having potatoes in the main meal goes to give back lost energy during the day’s activities. The milk, which is your normal cow milk, in this case, was skimmed to reduce the total number of calories that were already going into the dish. The pound butter used to bring the mashed potatoes together is sourced from a local milk factory believed to be the best in the region for its consistency and low-fat levels. For the truffle oil, salt, and pepper, they were sourced from a local grocery outlet for seasoning purposes. Schuna describes mashed potatoes being unhealthy usually packed with a high number of calories (2015). Undeniably, the meal packs quite a number of calories something that now hits home right after taking the meal apart. Clearly, I will reduce consumption of this meal to ensure a healthier lifestyle.


The steak is prepared using a combination of the locally bought beefsteak with an addition of butter and red wine. The steak usually is lean having no excess fat. I prefer my steak very lean after watching some documentaries on effects of fats and heart diseases. The butter replaces the ordinary oil giving it a kick but on the healthy edge of things. The wine gives it taste and makes it enjoyable to eat. This particular portion of the meal is clearly unhealthy and needs to be thought over.


All the ingredients used in my favourite meal on scrutiny clearly show that I have been engaging in unhealthy eating habits. These key habits need to be improved to ensure that there is a sense of responsibility from my side.




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