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Participants This section should thoroughly describe your intended participants. Include factors such as: Age, sex, sport/status, exclusion criteria, inclusion criteria, recruitment strategies, etc This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Instrumentation o Measurement tool: make, model, year, brand, publisher, etc… o How will you establish reliability and validity? o Procedures to use the tool: This may be described in a separate appendix. Typically, you will follow manufacturer guidelines or the instructors provided to use the tool. If you’ve created your own assessment tool, you’ll need to outline the specific procedures to use it. Procedures How will a normal testing session progress? Start with informed consent and work your way through. You may organize yourself by using a check-list approach, but then be sure to put it into paragraph form. This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Treatment of Data What type of statistic will you use? Descriptive statistics? T-Tests? What will your alpha level be? Will there be any post-hoc testing?

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