Computer Science homework help

Individual: FizzBuzz Program, Part 3


Modify the FizzBuzz program to properly use classes. A

CFizzBuzzEntry class should hold the user entry information, along with

the value in that cell and the resulting FizzBuzz enum value. A

CFizzBuzzResults class should keep track of the entries using an array

type from the STL and performing the output information after the

program’s execution. All functions in the submitted program should be

member functions of these or other appropriate classes. A

CArrayOfValues class will be a global accessible by the entire program

and will have its own function to build the array, which is called at the

start of main() to initialize the array.

Use proper get and set functions for all values in the class, do not

access them directly in general. For example, have a SetRow(int row)

and GetCol(int col) function to use to set and get the column for a

specific CFizzBuzzEntry value.

Include a proper header file.

Use proper coding conventions and proper comments throughout your


Compress all your Microsoft® Visual Studio® source code files in the

console application folder into a ZIP file. The submitted folder must

properly launch by clicking the project file at the top level and link to all

the needed files. Visual Studio® must be used for this assignment.

Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab.

Create another funciton to output the FizzBuzz value. This should have

the format of void OutputFizzBuzzValue( fizzBuzzValueEnum fbVal ).

Use a switch statement in this function to determine which text to output

using cout.

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