1. “Monitoring the User Domain”

  • It is common knowledge that employees are a necessary part of any business. Identify three best practices in the user domain and suggest the control type(s) (technical or manual) that are best suited to monitor each best practice.
  • Determine the impact that factors such as physical security, device type, and open source software might have on the choices that are made.

2.“When to Recommend and Not to Recommend Software Reuse” Please respond to the following:

  • In your reading this week, you looked at software reuse and component-based engineering. Read the following discussion questions and post your initial response by Wednesday for full points. Return on a couple of other days before the Sunday due date and interact with a couple of classmates. Respond to any posters who have commented on your post and respond to the posts of others. Let’s get the conversation going… and don’t forget to have fun while you’re learning!
    • From your understanding of the work you did this week so far, give some examples of when to recommend and when not to recommend software reuse.
    • Go to the Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Website that discusses Software Product Lines (SPLs), located at As you learned, the reuse of software components is designed to optimize software development and reduce development costs. Give an example of when this would be particularly effective. How might component-based development be used to reduce the coding effort? Is this always true? Provide support for your response.
    • Describe how SPLs promote reuse and how they can be disadvantageous to certain development environments. Choose a large company not chosen by other classmates and provide a unique example, illustrating how SPLs can be used in the organization of your choice to improve software development efforts.

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