2. Obtain the following z-scores. (Choose closest value. If halfway, then interpolate).

a. z0.20

b. z0.005

5. Refer to question 3 in this homework. The article “Drive for Show and Putt for Dough (Chance, Vol 12(4), pg 50-54)” discussed driving distances of PGA players. The mean distance for tee shots on the 1999 men’s PGA tour is 272.2 yards with a standard deviation of 8.12 yards. Assuming that the 1999 tee-shot distances are normally distributed answer the following questions:

a. Determine the quartiles of the driving distances

b. Find the 95th percentile.

c. Obtain the third decile (i.e. 30th percentile). 

d. Interpret your answers in parts a-c 

*Could you write out the problems and steps and attach them? I find it much easier understanding the problem that way. Thanks.*