our submission should consist of only those answers exhibits that are specifically asked for in a single word or pdf document. Please ensure that each exhibit is well edited and appropriately formatted. You may assume that fractional answers are acceptable throughout.

Problem 1

SmithCo is a supplier to many brand-name makers of mobile phones. SmithCo manufactures the external shells that enclose mobile phones. The strength of a shell is measured by applying increasing pressure to the shell and recording the pressure at which the shell breaks. Shell strengths are approximately normally distributed. A random sample of 10 shells made by SmithCo showed an average strength of 45.0 pounds and a standard deviation of 2.0 pounds. Use StatTools, or conduct calculations by hand, to construct a 90% confidence interval for the mean shell strength. The appropriate multiplier is 1.833.

  1. State the confidence interval in the form a ± b.
  2. State the confidence interval in the form [c, d].

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