Persuasive Speech:

 This is a speech in which you persuade the audience to DO 

something.  It should follow the same outline format as the “Who Am I” Speech, except 

that in the conclusion, just before the clincher, you should include a 

Call to Action

, telling 

the audience clearly and specifically what you want us to do. You should choose a topic 

which you have a passion/interest/knowledge base to aid in your ability to create terminal 

credibility and thus persuade your audience. You should also consider your audience 

when selecting your topic and choose one in which you feel your audience will be 

interested and be careful not to offend or disrespect audience members beliefs/feelings.  


  1.  You must turn in an outline 


your speech. Any research used to inform the 

audience must be cited in-text as well as on a Works Cited page. 

  2. Research may be obtained only from formal (Ebscohost, Google Scholar, www. Four academic sources are required as the minimum. Only one of 

them may be an “internet-only” source. 


Identify your topic.

Work on your persuasive speech by building your research. Conduct your required research for 

this presentation so that you may spend the weekend practicing for your presentation.

Write your outline.

Cite your research


Persuasive Speech Lecture and Requirements: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.


  GRADING:  You will be graded on:

1.   How well you follow these directions 

2.   How smooth and polished your presentation is

3.   How well-prepared you are

4.   How well the speech is organized

5.   How well you cover the material

6.   How well researched your presentation is

7.   The appropriateness of your topic and the speech itself

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