Part 1: You are the director of a state’s department of corrections. You have 20,751 inmates currently confined in five types of institutions: community correctional facilities (n = 5,428), minimum security institutions (n = 3,285), medium security institutions (n = 1,733), maximum security institutions (n = 875), and pretrial detention centers (n = 9,430).

With these data, do the following:

1)      Construct a frequency distribution, and include the percentage and proportion. Include your table in this document.  (2 pts)

2)      What percentage of your inmates are housed in minimum security institutions? (0.5 pts)

3)      What proportion of your inmates are housed in maximum security institutions? (0.5 pts)

4)      Graph these data with the appropriate graph. (1.5 pts)

a.       You can draw it by hand or you can use software to make it. Either way, it should be submitted along with the rest of your work. You can embed your drawing in this document (ideal) or you can submit it as a separate attachment (if you this please include your last name and an appropriate title for the file). 

5)      Write a few sentences describing the findings from your graph. (1.5 pts)

Part 2: The following table contains data on the number of violent crimes that occurred in six cities during 2015. The table also displays each city’s population.


Violent Crimes


Birmingham, AL



Portland, ME



San Francisco, CA



1)      Compute the rate of violent crime per 1,000 city residents in each city. (2 pts)

2)      Write a few sentences describing your findings. (2 pts)

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