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 Pick three influential designers you’ve read about of different nationalities and different times. Research them thoroughly and write a report about how they got their start, training, influences, and the ways they influenced fashion. Include their website (if they are still alive) and include pictures of some of their clothing designs. Keep your report 650 words.  

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1. Oscar De La Renta (American/Dominican) 1960s

· At age 18 he left The Carribean to study art in Madrid, but he switched his focus to fashion.

· In 1961, he was hired for his first real fashion job at Lanvin-Castillo.

· By 1963, he moved to New York and joined the American design house of Elizabeth Arden.

· In 1965, he took over the label after Jane Derby Died .He launched his own signature ready-to-wear label.

· In 1967, De la Renta married Francoise de Langlade, an editor-in-chief of French Vogue. Francoise introduced him to some of the most influential members of fashion society and invited them to his shows.

· His line, known for its exquisite silk prints, ruffles, soft silhouettes and colorful palette, soon became a mean of casual luxury.

· He was trained by Cristóbal Balenciaga and Antonio del Castillo. He worked for Lanvin and Balmain.

· From 1993 to 2002, De La Renta designed the haute couture collection for the house of Balmain, making him the first Dominican to design for a French couture house.

· In 2006, the Oscar de la Renta label diversified into bridal wear.

· de la Renta served as president of the Council of Fashion Designers of America from 1973 to 1976, and from 1986 to 1988.

· His work was the preferred wear of American first ladies. He dressed first lady Nancy Reagan in the 1980s, and Jaqueline Kennedy and then provided the gowns for inaugural events for both Hillary Clinton in 1997 and Laura Bush in 2005.

· In 2004, risking the value of his brand as a whole, he added a less expensive line of clothing called O Oscar. He said he wanted to attract new customers whom he could not reach before.

· In 2014, the George W. Bush Presidential Center hosted an exhibit entitled “Oscar de la Renta: Five Decades of Style” which shared the designer’s creations for Mrs. Bush and America’s First Ladies.

2. Ellie Saab (Lebanese) the 1980s

• Elie Saab is a self-taught fashion designer who specialized in bridal couture.

• In 1982, as young as 18 years old, he opened his very first couture atelier in Beirut. A few months later, he showcased his first collection.

• In 1997, Elie Saab was the only non-Italian designer to appear on the famous Italian Camera Nazionale Della Moda. He also displayed his first collection in Rome, outside Lebanon.

• In 1998, He opened his ready-to-wear in Milan. Princess Stephanie of Monaco attended his fashion show.

• In 1999, Queen Rania of Jordan chooses to wear one of his designs for her coronation.

• In 2000, the Chambre Syndicale De La Haute Couture had invited Elie Saab to Paris where he had presented his four collections Haute Couture and Ready-to-Wear in a year. Later after six years, he became a corresponding member.

• In 2002, Halle Berry wore a burgundy gown by Elie Saab for Oscar ceremony, which in turn gave Elie Saab huge recognition, crossing Middle East and other parts of the world.

• In 2005, Opened a modern five-story building where his workshops, studio, the ready-to-wear boutique and couture showroom are located.

• In 2006, Showcased his first ready-to-wear spring-summer collection in Paris.

• In 2007, He opened a boutique in the heart of Le Triangle d’Or.

• By 2010, 102 celebrities have chosen to wear his designs for famous global events. He also appointed his store in Dubai to be his prime store in the Gulf Region.

• In 2011, Elie Saab launched his fragrance “Le Parfum” that reportedly broke records by becoming the highest seller in 15 countries.

• In 2012, Opened his first store in Asia, Mexico and a boutique in Geneva.

• In 2017, appeared as a judge on Project Runway ME

Website: https://www.eliesaab.com/en

In my opinion, Elie Saab’s designs influenced fashion because he introduced the definition of femininity using Chiffon, Swarvski crystals, lace, and unique heavy details in each gown. Every girl dreams of walking down the aisle in one of his bridal gowns!

3. Coco Chanel (French) the 1920s

• Chanel is famous for her classic designs, suits, and little black dresses.

• Chanel’s first shop in 1910 was a millinery shop; it wasn’t until later that she added stores in Deauville and Biarritz and started designing clothes.

• Chanel’s first perfume, the famous No.5 was launched in the 1920s.

• In 1925, she revolutionized fashion by introducing Chanel suits and also the little black dress. She meant to make luxurious clothes as comfortable as expensive they are. She gained a reputation for being simple and sophisticated with unique accessories like multi-strands of pearls.

• “My fortune is built on that old jersey that I’d put on because it was cold in Deauville,” she once told author Paul Morand. Before I did my research for this assignment I thought her fortune was built on her suits, little black dress, and her perfume No.5 but in fact, it was an old jersey that many people asked about where she got the dress, she offered to make one for them.

• Chanel was popular in Parisian literary and artistic communities. She designed costumes for the Ballets Russes and Jean Cocteau’s play Orphée, and counted Cocteau and artist Pablo Picasso among her friends.

• In the 1930s, due to international economic depression and WWII, Chanel had to close her business.

• Long after her death, Karl Lagerfeld was in charge of the brand. Today her company continues to grow, said to generate hundreds of millions in sales each year.

In my opinion, Chanel will always remain the most classic luxurious brand there is in the fashion industry. Although she had a tough beginning, but her legacy lives long after her to honor her.


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