Please help me find the correct test statistic and p-value? I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Please help!

Thank you!

Score: 0.?5 of 5 pie 4 4 cf 9 [6 complete] v } HW Score: 17.38%, 7.13 of 41 pts @112“ a In an experiment, 15 babies were asked to watch a cl‘rnber attempt to ascend a hill. On Me occasionsI the baby witnesses the clin’ber fail to matte the climb. Then, thebaby witnesses either a helper toypush the climber up the hill, or a I’I‘nderer toy preventing the climber from maldng the ascent The toys were shown to each hwy in arandom lasl’l‘on. A second part of tt’I‘s experiment showed the climber approach the helper by, chh is not a surprising action, and then the climber approached thetinderer toy, which is a surprising action. The amount of time the hwy watched the event was recorded. The mean difference in time spent watching the climberapproach the hinderer toy versus watching the climber approach the helper toy was 1.09 seconds with a standard deviation of 1.53 seconds lClemplete parts a throughc. {:3- A. Ho: N=u {:2- B. Ho: l-ld‘o -::_.:- c. Ho”;d =0H1:pd-:n H1_pd=0 H1_pd=0{:3- D. Ha: pip-D a! E. HD: Pd :0 C:- F. ”cilia =0H1:|_Ld=0 H1:pd>D H1_pd=0 (h) Assuming the differences are normally distributed with no outliers, test if the difference in the amount of time the baby will watch the hinderer toy versus the helperby is greater than I) at the 0.01 level of sigrl‘ticance. find the test statistic for this hypothesis test. (Bound to two decimal places as needed.)

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