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Climate change is a hotly debated topic among modern scientists.  Many argue that humans are to blame for recent changes, while others believe such changes are beyond the scope of what humans can control.  Ultimately, neither side can unequivocally prove their point because the statistics used are too limited to assuage all doubt.  Mankind has only been recording such data in the last 200 years or so, and no one can create data from the distant past in order to provide a complete picture of Earth’s life cycles.  However, scientists are very adept at inferring information from the natural world and such inferences supply the bulk of the evidence used in the climate discussion.

For the final exam, reference the following website from NASA and observe the claims and associated statistical data.

Using the information from this course and at least two outside sources, build an argument for or against mankind’s effect on climate change.  Notice, I did not ask you to discuss whether or not climate change is real (things are always changing), I asked for you to build the case for whether or not mankind is to blame for recent trends in climate change.

You must base all your reasoning on statistical evidence and explain why you have come to your conclusions.  There is no right answer, but I will deduct points if your arguments are not solidly based on statistical evidence.  


You must substantiate your viewpoint with appropriate analysis based on the foundational principles within the textbook. All submissions will be screened by an originality filter.

Grading Expectations:

A – Makes arguments based on effective analysis. Uses and cites external sources appropriately.

B – Incomplete analysis; cannot make viable predictions. Minimal external sources used.

C – Does not analyze; regurgitates from textbook. No external sources used.

D – Does not use material from the textbook or external sources to substantiate ideas. Gives opinion only.

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