Modules: GE 2019 08/2 xWA MATH205 – Section 10.2 Home Maps https://www.khan…GPaused SThe age distribution of the Canadian population and the age distribution of a random sample of 455 residents in the Indian community of a village are shown below.Age (years)Percent of Canadian PopulationObserved NumberUnder 55 to 147.2%in the Village4515 to 6413.6%65 and older67.1%12.1%28344Use a 5% level of significance to test the claim that the age distribution of the general Canadian population fits the age distribution of the residents of Red Lake Village.(a) What is the level of significance?State the null and alternate hypotheses.Ho: The distributions are different.H1 : The distributions are different .O Ho: The distributions are the same.H1: The distributions are the same.O Ho: The distributions are different.H1 : The distributions are the same .Ho: The distributions are the same.H1 : The distributions are different .(b) Find the value of the chi-square statistic for the sample. ( Round your answer to three decimal places.)Are all the expected frequencies greater than 5?YesNoMacBook Air988F4F5

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