Computer Science homework help
Kindly note: It has to be a postgraduate level writing, no thin content and absolutely cross checked grammar

Instructions: You will prepare a proposed cyber policy or legislation to ensure the cyber resiliency of both the U.S. government and critical infrastructure. This is a theoretical paper with practical application.

The term resiliency is meant to suggest measures that span the entire range of cybersecurity activities: anticipate, mitigate, prevent, protect, withstand, respond, recover, and evolve.

**These 5 pages will make up an Executive Summary section (2 pages) at the beginning of the document and a Cybersecurity Policy or Legislation Proposal section at the end (3 pages).

Executive Summary to be developed using the attached document and new material developed for this assignment.

***Post-Graduate Level Please***

Number of Pages: 5 Pages

Page Line Spacing: Double spaced (Default)

Academic Level: Post-graduate

Paper Format: APA

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