NPR is running an ongoing story about Jim Fallows, a writer who is flying across the US, and spoke about it at the 2013 Esri Conference. Fallows is working with Esri to present his story. NPR/Marketplace has an extended interview with Esri president Jack Dangermond that is fascinating.


The first 5 minutes is interview with Fallows, but the next 20 minutes are about GIS.

I WOULD LIKE YOU TO SUBMIT A JOURNAL ENTRY THAT Addresses the following questions in your response, please listen careful and write thoughtful, clearly stated responses.  

This is a graded assignment

1)   How is Jim Fallows going to use maps in his plane tour of communites?

2)   According to Jack Dangermond, what are a few fields that are really benefitting from new        technologies in mapping?

3)   Prior to computers, how did mappers analyze different types of data, what techniques did they use?

4)   What does the new generation of web GIS allow users to do?

5)   Listen carefully, according to Jack Dangermond, what is GeoDesign?

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