How do you answer the questions in the attached problem? This is for my own practice and will not be submitted as my own work. Thanks.

Problem 3 [4 points} Quicksort ls claimed to have an expected running time of Din log n}, but it could be as slow as U{n1]. [3} Briefly explain why Quicksort has a worst-case time complexity of [){nz}, In 20 words or less. [b] Despite having a worst-case time complexityr of moi], Quicksort is still widely used and quitepopular as the sorting algorithm of choice for many use cases, despite algorithms like Merge sortoffering a better worse-case time complexity of Din log n}. Why might this he the case’:IBe specific but concise [20 weds or iess! in your answer, utilizing asymptotic notations and sortcharacterizing terms as necessary.

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