Becoming a Good Thinker The goal of this assignment is to progress as a questioner and, therefore, as a thinker. For this assignment, select an important problem faced by society today (e.g., income inequality, gun violence, online privacy), and construct three questions that will result in critical thinking using the assignment template. PHL 1010, Critical Thinking 2 In the template, under the first column, provide your own original questions related to your chosen important problem. In the second column, identify domain of thinking. Examples of these can be found on pages 139–140 of your textbook. In the third column, list the intellectual standards and element of thought that relates to your question. Briefly explain why the question is important in this context (i.e., the elements of thought or reasoning that led you to this thinking). The eight elements of thought can be found beginning on page 62 of your textbook. The intellectual standards are on page 58 of your textbook and are defined on page 103. In the fourth column, label your question as fact, preference, or judgment. This information can be located on pages 126–127 of your textbook. 


Important Problem:

Example Important Problem: Ocean Pollution

Critical Thinking QuestionDomain of ThinkingIntellectual Standard/Element of ThoughtFact, Preference, or Judgement
Example: What is the leading cause of pollution in the world’s oceans and its impact on ocean life?EcologyThe intellectual standard related to this question is clarity because in order to understand why the oceans are polluted, it is important to be specific about what is polluting them. The element of thought would be information since the data and facts of what causes ocean pollution would lead to further ecological questions about when enough data is understood, and the goal of cleaning them up can be formed.Fact

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