Question 1

Shonda has the following dataset: 3, 1, 25, 18, 15, 36, 49, 32, 41. Which of the following would make the best interval length?

a. An interval of 2

b. An interval of 4.7

c. An interval of 5

d. An interval of 7

e. An interval of 10

Question 2 

Huda is trying to put together a grouped frequency distribution table. What should her goal be regarding the number of intervals

a. She should aim to have about 10 intervals

b. She should aim to have intervals that are easily understandable (e.g., intervals of 2, 5 or 10)

c. She should figure out the number of intervals partially based on how large her range is

d. All of the above

Question 3 options:

Jose has a dataset that includes the following values: 5, 19, 29, 4, 36, 24. What is his range?

Your answer should be a whole number and should not contain any decimals

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