Question 8 a) Match problem to procedures:

a)Testing that a gasoline additive increases mileage, we compute mpg with additive minus mpg without additive for each car. If the mean of the difference is positive enough, action will be required to implement the additive

b) An effective vaccine would reduce the proportion of exposed persons contracting a disease. A pharmaceutical company wants to test the effectiveness of a new vaccine in preventing a certain disease. It is expected that 40% of unvaccinated exposed people will contact the disease. A group of 48 exposed persons volunteered to be vaccinated. Later, two of the volunteers contacted the disease. Test HO:π ≥ 0.40 (vaccine ineffective) at α = 0.01

c) Does the data validate the normal probability distribution assumption?

d) Do contingency table classification values matter?

e) Given weights of 31,29,26,33,40,28,30, and 25, at α = 0.05 test that the population mean is 35

f) A multinomial probability distribution describes the distribution of counts across multiple levels of a variable. A special case is the binomial discrete probability distribution For each level of a variable, which is common to multiple populations, equality of distribution can be tested.

g) Test size C battery mean life is at least 25 hours.

h) Run times (msec) of a new phone app developed by GotYourGP and established competitor WeTrackYou, Inc. are logged in a data file. At α = 0.05, are the run times of GotYourGP and WeTrakYou,Inc comparable?

i)Data were gathered in an experiment comparing the effects of three insecticides in controlling a certain species of parasitic beetle. Each observation represents the number of such insects found dead in a certain fixed area treated with an insecticide.

Match with the following:

1) 1-tailed test of proportion with negative critical value

2) 2-tailed test of mean with both negative and positive critical values

3) 1-tailed test of mean with negative critical values

4) 1-tailed test of paired-data with positive critical value

5) 2-tailed test of means of 2 independent populations


7)Chi-square test of homogeneity

8) Chi-square test if independence

9) Chi-square test of goodness of fit

10)1-tailed test of proportion with positive critical value

11) 1-tailed test of paired-data with negative critical value

12) 1-tailed test of means of 2 independent populations


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