1. Read the scenario below and discuss the technological and financial risks the company in the scenario faces and what they could do to mitigate those risks. Include what domains of the IT infrastructure were involved.


This company employees thousands of of people in the manufacture of its products, with many more acting as wholesalers and distributors across the country. These wholesalers use a business-to-business (B2B) Web site to place orders and track fulfillment. In the past year, this company experienced the following security incidents:

  • more than 10 lost or stolen laptops, tablet PCs, and smartphones
  • 4 serious malware events that caused important files to be erased from the sales database or a temporary shutdown of the B2B website

The company IT department traced these malware events to an unpatched server, an insecure wireless network, an insecure remote connection, and an employee who downloaded a game from the internet to a workstation computer.

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