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Can you guide me through the calculations for questions 1) and 2) below?(below or see image attachment)

Thank you so much

Remember the three targeting choices for In – N- OutBurger’s Facebook campaign ? The choices are out -lined in the table below .Target audience* of people in target*RecommendedRecommended CENDaily budgetaudience*bid per clickimpressions bidAdults 18 + in Oregon and Washington*4, 7:06, 2001 . 13. 48$10Adults 18 + in Oregon and Washington*85, 16054$10who "like " Mcdonald’s or Burger King orBurgerville on FacebookMen 18 – 34 in Oregon and Washington25, 700. 42$10who "like " Mcdonald’s or Burger King orBurgerville on Facebook*1 . Calculate the daily impressions for each target -ing option with a $10 daily spending limit .2 . Calculate the daily click – throughs for each tartgeting option with a $ 10 daily spending limit .

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