Read the  statement and watch the video on the file. use own opinion to reply the it  thoughtfully. *No citation or any other source* 

A lot of beaches, particularly on the east coast and Gulf states, are not necessarily permanent fixtures.  Coastlines are very dynamic (ever-changing), and rising seas over time can wash much of that sand away.  However, sometimes, sand can be washed away much more quickly when a large storm wreaks havoc on a coastline. Hurricane Sandy did just that to the East Coast a few years ago.

Rebuilding has been taking place at a very fast rate along the eastern seaboard, but Sandy did take it’s share of sand away, particularly from Coney Island.  How does that sand come back?  Can it come back?  This video will shed some light on what people can do bring the sand back to the beach after a storm event like Sandy.

Here is the link:

Repairing the Beach after Sandy (~3 min)

We’ll have a module dedicated to coastlines & beaches later on in the course.  I know it’s a popular subject, so I thought I would get you to thinking about it a little early with this short video.  Enjoy!

one simply paragraph about 100 words.

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