Sales of People magazine are compared over a 5-week period at four Borders outlets in Chicago.

Weekly Sales

Store 1Store 2Store 3Store 4


  105  7690115




 Click here for the Excel Data File

Fill in the missing data. (Round your mean values to 1 decimal place and other answers to 2 decimal places.)

Treatment  MeannStd. Dev.  Variance

Store 1                 

Store 2                 

Store 3                 

Store 4                 


Based on the given hypotheses, choose the correct option. H0: σ21 = σ22 = σ23 = σ24 ; H1: Not all the variances are equal at α = 0.05.

Reject the null hypothesis if H > 20.6

Reject the null hypothesis if H < 20.6

Calculate the value of Hcalc. (Round your answer to 2 decimal places.)


Should we reject the null hypothesis?

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