Engineering homework help

Please select an emerging green building material or product available in CA and write a 3-page essay addressing the following key points:

(1). Why is it green/sustainable?

(2). Manufacturing process

(3). Material properties

(4). Current applications (Case projects)

(5). Future potential uses

In addition, here are formatting requirements for the paper:

  • Include a short (250 word maximum) abstract at the beginning of the paper.
  • Include 1″ margins throughout the paper (top, bottom, and sides).
  • Text should be 12 point, Times New Roman, and single spaced throughout the body of the paper.
  • Include 3 graphics (i.e., pictures, diagrams, charts, or tables) in the body of the paper. The graphs should measure no more than 3″ wide by 3″ tall.
  • Include a bibliography with at least 3 sources for your topic.
  • Save and submit your file in PDF format.¬†Note: Cover page is not counted as one of the three pages.

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