The permanent data set backhem was created by merging the ICDB background and hematology data sets into one data set containing just three variables subj, race, and mcv(mean cell volume). Use the backhem data set to temporary data set called summary containing six observations — one for each race — and the following five variables:

  • race
  • minmcv, the smallest mcv value of the subjects of each race
  • maxmcv, the largest mcv value of the subjects of each race
  • medmcv, the median mcv value of the subjects of each race
  • n, the number of subjects of each race

In the process of using one of the three descriptive analysis procedures we addressed in this lesson to create the summary data set, also allow the procedure to generate a report that looks like this:

Then, print the summary data set according to the following specifications:

  • print the data set so that the variables appear in the following order: race, minmcv, medmcv, maxmcv, and n
  • suppress the printing of the observation number
  • do not print the records whose value for race is missing (.)
  • format race as follows: 1 = ‘AmIndian’, 2 = ‘Asian’, 3 = ‘Black’, 4 = ‘Caucasian’, 5 = ‘Multi-racial’, and 6 = ‘Other’
  • rather than printing the variables names as the column headings, use the following labels: Race, Sample Size, Maximum MCV, Median MCV, and Minimum MCV. Split the labels across two rows.

When all is said and done, your printed summary data set should look something like this:

I have did my data but i don’t know why i can’t get the output right

  • Attachment 1
  • Attachment 2
  • Attachment 3

stat480hw11.sasOPTIONS PS = 58 LS = 80 NODATE NONUMBER;LIBNAME icdb ‘C: stat 480data’ ;- Data summary:set icdb. backhem:Run ;-Proc format ;value racefmt 1 = ‘AmIndian’2= ‘Asian3 =’ Black’4′ Caucasian’5 = ‘Muti-racial’6= ‘ Other’ :Run ;- PROC PRINT data = icdb. backhem;Format f_race racefmt. :Title ‘The summary data set’ ;RUN ;-PROC LEANS data = icdb. backhem;RUN ;- Data templ ;set summary :race = racefmt. :Run ;-Proc Report data = icdb. backhem;Title ‘Analysis Variable: MCV mean cell volume (fl)’ ;column partient_ID_number race mean_cell_volume (f1 ) ;Define race / format = racefmt. ;Run ;

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