Correlation (r- value), Scatterplots, Trendline (regression) Equation, Prediction

HOW TO VIDEO Dr Ami Gates MOOT Intro Stats Correlation Scatterplots Prediction Trendline (Regression Line & Prediction) Excel

HOW TO VIDEO Dr Ami Gates Using Excel Correlation scatterplots regression

HOW TO Video Dr Ami Gates Data Analysis from Google Forms And Correlation in Excel

In Unit 5, there are three main topics (problem types): describing correlations, measuring correlations, and evaluating here scatterplots. You will be exposed to all three topics by either formulating a response (main post) or commenting on a classmate√Ęs response to each one.

In your original response (main post), you will choose one type of problem to solve and post a complete solution. Then, in your responses to two classmates, you will comment on posts which involve the other two types of problems. This Discussion topic has multiple parts. Please read and complete each part.

To complete your main post, you may choose any exercise in Chapter 7. As soon as you choose a particular problem to solve from Chapter 7, write it out in full in the Discussion Area. Include the page number and the problem number along with your post. Be sure not to choose a problem that one of your classmates has already posted. This means that before you can choose a problem, you will have to review all current posts. Once you choose, quickly post your problem selection by writing out the entire question and including the page and problem number.

Next, write a complete solution, showing all steps used in solving the problem. Attach any graphs that you might need using Add/Remove. Explain each step as if you were the expert explaining it to a novice.