Please show step by step explantation to the following questions.

5. Suppose that you work in Human Resource Office of IBM. Your supervisor gives you arandom sample data (N = 60) of the employees in your company. The following informationis included in the data set:Gender (Male and Female)Educational Degree (BS, MA, and PhD)Years of Working Experience (in Years)Years of Education (in Years)Starting Salary (in Dollars)Current Salary (in Dollars)The following questions need to be answered based on the sample data. Please suggest astatistical method that can answer each of the questions from (1) to (4). Explain thereason to choose the appropriate statistical method.(1) Are there differences in starting salaries among the people who have differenteducational degrees?(2) Are the employees" current salaries significantly different from their starting salary?(3) Are the employees’ starting salaries associated with their years of working? |(4) Is there a difference in starting salaries between female and male?

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